Haetae is the Charyeok of Han Dae-Wi.


Haetae is a blue dog-like creature with multiple fangs, a big red nose, bulging yellow eyes, and a top hat. He appears to have great affection for his master but a strong dislike of Jin Mo-Ri. Haiti was a child so he is still not mature when he bonded with Han Dae-Wi. He reach his maturity after Han Dae-Wi's ressurection and make direct contract with his master. When he reach his maturity he's grown enough for Dae-Wi to ride on top of him. In his direct contract form he gained a single red horn on top of his head, yellow flaming spins with yellow circle on his chest, his left eye now has the Ω symbol and exude purple flame.


Hatae's abilites involve the generation and manipulation of water. Han Dae-Wi can control the water for various uses such as creating bubbles to float himself or others in, water waves for defense, and arrows of water to pierce his opponents. He is also capable of fusing his Full Contact Karate techniques with his charyeok abilities, making wind and water as one, and therefore enhancing his abilities greatly.

Hydrokinesis: Hatae gives Han Dae-Wi the ability to generate and manipulate water as he see fits. These ranges from water blades to create waves that look like tidal waves. He can also control the density of the water so he can also create hard water constructs or ice to attack and defend.

Nitikinesis : Hatae can be used to generate bubbles for different purposes like floating bubbles.

Healing Saliva:Haetae's saliva can close open wound to an extent.

Breath Attack: An ability unlocked when Han Dae-Wi formed a direct contract with Haetae. Haetae fires a huge Light Beam from its mouth that is powerful enough to stun the Earth-sized god.


  • Haetae's direct contract form and name is a nod to the korean myth, a beast with lion body and single horn on its forehead.
  • Odin remarked that with its status as direct contractee of Han Dae-Wi, a human who have Jade Emperor Power, Haetae has transformed into 'a very amusing creature'

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