Gu Dae-Han
Gu Dae-Han
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Ssireum(Korean Wrestling)
Level 9
Charyeok none
HP 990
GP 24
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H. Participant
Relatives Unknown
Debut Chapter 44

Gu Dae-Han is a competitor in the God Of High School Tournament from the Kangwondo District.


Dae-Han is a massive man, 2m tall (about 6'7"). He is a portly man with brown hair and glasses to go with tan clothing.


Dae-Han is a very docile man that is easily bossed around. He is also very timid as shown by his fear of losing in the first round of the tournament. Despite his timidness, Dae-Han does also have a more enraged side, which rarely comes out.


Dae-Han is first seen walking with fellow Kangwondo Team member, Ji Hwa-Ja. Dae-Han and Hwa-Ja are replacement members of the Kangwondo, as the original team was killed. They meet with the new captain of the Kangwondo Team Wu Gun-Ah.

Later, after the killer of the former Kangwondo representatives, Na Han-Sung, has been caught, Dae-Han along with the rest of the Kangwondo Team confront him. They are not allowed to attack him, as Park Mu-Jin still wants to interrogate Han-Sung.

The Kangwondo Team then faces the Metropolitan Area Team. Jin Mo-Ri of the Metropolitan Area Team, manages to easily beat every member of the Kangwondo Team, including Dae-Han, and the captain Gun-Ah. This leads to the elimination of the Kangwondo Team from the Tournament.


Dae-Han's fighting style is Ssireum, which is a type of wrestling, in Korea.

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