Gáe Bolg is a National Treasure that belonged to Seo Han-Ryang, The Weapon Master of The Six.


The National Treasure looks like an ordinary wooden staff.


It is a symbol of leadership of the National Assembly of the Homeless. This national treasure is in Han-Ryang's possession for as long as his tenure.


Despite its rather ordinary appearance it is a deadly weapon when combined with Han-Ryang's expertise. It is also surprisingly durable, as seen in Han-Ryang's fight with Zeus where Han-Ryang's arm was broken and bleeding, yet the staff is still in good condition.


This staff's style is a part of Seo-Han Ryang's collective fighting style, Pumba.

  • 8th Form: Begger's Song Dance: Han-Ryang uses Gáe Bolg as a spear, this technique allows him to attack from all directions by swinging his staff around him like a sphere deflecting all incoming attacks and nearby enemies.
  • Pumba Zero Stance 'Panhandler' - Han-Ryang's ultimate ability, Han-Ryang spins around, swinging Gáe Bolg diagonally across his enemy's chest and splitting the ground in a huge semi circle, creating a massive fissure in the process. This was strong enough to leave a large bruise across Zeus's chest.



  • In the original myth, Gáe Bolg is a spear instead of a staff.


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