Vital Statistics
Age 19
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Level Unknown
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Team China Leader
Debut Chapter 177

Fei is the leader of Team China competing in the G.O.H. Consolation Match.


Fei has long dark hair tied into a ponytail with a distinct widow's peak and one clump of hair hanging down over his face. He also has a small vertical cut over his right eye. He wears a plain white shirt with a loose jacket over it and dark pants.


Fei has a rather stern personality, rarely showing any emotion. He does seem to lose his cool when situations grow dire, such as when he is attacked by Alex and when he was confronted by Sang Man-Duk over phone.


Fei has some ties to an orphanage back in China that was used as blackmail by Sang Man-Duk to convince Fei to continuously attack Team Korea.


In the beginning of the consolation match, Fei angers both Hui Mo-Ri and Alex when he stealthily attacked Yu Mi-Ra in the middle of her fight with Alex. Mo-Ri attacks Fei from long distance using only 15% of his power, knocking him far away. Alex then takes this time to attack Fei and the rest of Team China for "hindering his war."

Later, when planning to attack Team Korea in the botanical shed, he gets a call from Sang Man-Duk reminding him that he needs to kill Hui Mo-Ri or else he will destroy an orphanage that Fei has ties to. When his team invades the botanical shed, Fei attacks Yu Mi-Ra to allow Linmei the opportunity to kill Mo-Ri. He however chooses to forfeit when Hui Mo-Ri leaves the botanical shed with John.

When he finally catches up to the rest of the fighters, Team Vatican has already fled and his teammates are all defeated. However, with Mo-Ri weakened from the effects of the Holy Grail, he chooses to fight once more, despite all the surrounding members of Team Korea and Team Japan. Yu Mi-Ra fights him where he is ultimately defeated by her charyeok that she had hidden from him all along.


Stealth: Fei claims to be capable of hiding his presence; what is meant by this is unclear.

Kunai Usage: Fei appears to be very proficient in the usage of kunai knives; capable of fending off multiple attackers with the weapons.

Martial Arts

Unwoldo Stage 28: Il-Gi-To: A slashing spear attack strong enough to break Yu Mi-Ra's sword.