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Fake Monkey King is the Charyeok of Charuru. It is powerful enough for charuru to resist gravity manipulation of the king.


While Mihu declared himself as a fake, The citizen of ore kingdom still hold him close to their heart as their king. Charuru, in his desperation when fighting The King, communed with Mihu and create a contract, resulting in this charyeok.


It takes the appearance of the late king of monkeys, Mihu, complete with the gourd of original monkey king.


Physical Enhancement: It greatly enhances all of it's user's physical attacks, speed and power.


Whoahyorakgeyok Ultimate Secret Arts: Monkey Claw: The user does a tiger claw like swipe sending slicing energy out of his finger tips at his opponent. It's damaging enough to leave many cuts and cut into stone. It also is used by both hands and is capable of being used as a range attack.