Dr. Doogie
Dr. Doogie
Vital Statistics
Age 19 (deceased)
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Title Team Houston Leader
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Current Status
Occupation Scientist
Affiliation MENSA


Relatives Michael (younger adoptive brother)
Debut Chapter 177
Dr. Doogie
Dr. Doogie
Dr. Doogie was a competitor in the G.O.H. Consolation Match representing Team Houston.


Dr. Doogie has medium-length, light-brown hair parted down the middle. He is always seen wearing glasses or either a lab coat or a tight military suit similar to the ones worn by the MK Unit.


Dr. Doogie seems to prioritize research even in combat situations. Despite this, he greatly cherishes his brother, Michael




Scientific Capabilities

Dr. Doogie is capable of completely depleting the energy of his foes by extracting their DNA using a syringe.

Military Suit

Dr. Doogie's suit provides him with a multitude of abilities such as cloaking and a shield.

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