Alias Beta ( β)
Species God (Clone)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Fighting skills
Charyeok None
Affiliation Team Malta Knights
Family The King (Biological Father)
Debut Chapter 179

Donatello is a member of Team Malta Knights competing in the G.O.H. Consolation Match but in truth is actually a biologically modified clone of The King himself.


He wears a light purple robe and a grey mask. When the mask is removed, he looks exactly like Dante, due to the fact that they are both clones of The King.


His personality is never shown.


Consolation Match Arc

He appears mostly as a side point to Dante in all the fights they undergo. When Natasha fights Dante in order to save Alex and Violeta, Alex makes one last fight to show his love to Natasha. This attack ultimately kills Donatello as he has a hole punched through his head.


His abilities are never shown other than that he has regenerative abilities. While it is known that he along with Alpha (α) failed to acquire the name "Dante", he must have been considerably strong or useful to have been allowed to enter the competition with the other two.

  • Energy Manipulation: As the biologically modified clone of The King, he possess the power to manipulate energy extensively.
    • Energy blade: He can coat his hand with energy, which he mainly use to stab his opponent.
    • Vital Energy Manipulation: The staple of all of the clones' power. They use vital energies to tremendously increase their power. The clones can also transfer their energy to those they choose. Donatello only shown the ability to transfer it.[1]
  • Superhuman Regeneration: Donatello possess regeneration that all clones exhibited. However, his regeneration has its limit and he finally die when Alexandros deliver the final blow to his head. [2].
  • Superhuman Speed: He can move faster than most human can see, although still not enough to elude the eyes of Alexandros


He is the only one out of Okhwang's modified clone who possess his own name, instead of taking the name Dante or unnamed.


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