I Am Dante!

—Second Dante, just before opening his third eye



Alpha Dante



Third dante

Alias α (Second Dante)
Species God
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Fighting skills
Charyeok None
Occupation G.O.H. Participant
Affiliation Nox
Team Malta Knights
Family The King (Biological Father, Genetic Source)
Debut Chapter 181

Dante is introduced as 'the son' of The King, but then revealed to be merely a name granted to one of his biologically modified clones of the king who he appointed as his successor. There are hundreds of clones with all of them trying to become the true "Dante".


The first Dante is light skinned clone who at first wears a skin tight suit and robes with an orange fire pattern. When fighting Hui Mo-Ri he wear a white karate Gi and black pants. his right eyes has he had an Ω while his left eyes had he has an α

The second Dante a.k.a. "α" has darker skin and wears a light purple robe. He also initially wore a grey mask.

The Third Dante has similar complexion as the second dante, he wore green robe.

All dante possess the same hair colour, red with patches of orange.


At first it is shown that Dante is a cruel and merciless killer utterly devoted to his 'father', but during the conversation between the king and Hui Mo-Ri, the king implied that his creations lack individuality that make them a suitable successor. Like all Heavenly realm's Gods, they looked down on Sage Realm's and Human Realm's creatures, even if said creature is one of the Nine Kings.

The first Dante is shown to be calm and aloof, but shows fear when Hui Mo-Ri in Jaecheondaesong mode beat him and his clone brother.

The second Dante is arrogant and petty. He likes to play with his opponent when they are already down and insults his opponents. He is deeply envious of the first Dante for being chosen. He is also shown to be a tenacious individual, resisting being absorbed and unleashing his third eye from sheer willpower.

Third Dante, like his siblings, is a merciless killer. In fact, even without his father commanding him, he quickly dispatch Mount Hwagwa Monkeys at the slightest movement while smiling cruelly at his victim. The Third Dante shows that He cared more about The King's life than his own, ready to sacrifice his body to save the king.




A biological modified clone of the king, the clones are endowed with extremely powerful physical and spiritual strength. Some of common abilities shown by these dantes are:

  • Energy Manipulation: All the clones shows that they can manipulate energy extensively for various purposes.
    • Vital Energy manipulation: The staple of all of the clones' power. They use vital energies to tremendously increase their power.There are multiple sources of this energy. They can use energies collected by Energy Stones or by physically in contact with the victims. The clones can also transfer their energy to those they choose. So far the only ones who use transference of vital energies are Donatello (β) and 2nd Dante (α).

Individual Dantes Abilities and Power

The First Dante, either by superior 'design' and/or having previously absorbing vital energy, is shown to be considerably more powerful than most of its brethren. its powers and abilities include

  • Enhanced Energy Manipulation: First Dante's energy manipulation is precise, allowing him to use this subtly, if needed, or powerfully.
    • Telekinesis: He displayed a telekinesis-like power using two of his finger, which twist the bodies of other G.O.H. consolation match participants. It's one of the weaker power he has, since he never used it against more powerful opponents such as the Metropolitan Team or Japan Team.[1]
    • Energy Wave: First Dante can unleash a wave of powerful energy wave with various scale and intensity. He can make it great enough to cause earthquake-like shockwave to the consolation match location [2], creating a small slash-like energy wave that cut the area where he swings around his hand [3], channeling the energy into a small point at the tip of his finger or his palm for smaller and precise wave[4], or continuous one [5].
  • Physical Enhancement: He possess superior physical abilities to that of human, which increased even further thanks to all the energy he absorbed from the energy stone and Donatello's remains, allowing him to fight against Hui Mo-Ri, clone of The Monkey King, albeit losing and probably would've lost faster if not for the assistance of his subordinate. [6].
    • Superhuman Strength: He easily outclassed Michael a subject experiment of Monkey King's DNA in strength. He only used a single hand to brought Michael into the ground and counterattacking with only a finger.
    • Superhuman Speed: His speed is shown in the beginning of the fight with Hui Mo-Ri, as he had taken Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi by suprise by how fast he move.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Even before the infusion of energy from Energy Stone, he can take a lot of damage without losing his focus in battle, such as in battle against Yu Mi-Ra and Hui Mo-Ri.

The Second Dante, despite the flaws in his creation, show himself to be quite tenacious, allowing him to surpass even the most 'perfect' of his brothers. However, since the flaws was still there, he essentially destroyed himself by exerting more power. His abilities and powers are

  • Willpower: Second Dante will to live and attain identity is so great, he even reverse his vital energy absorption from the first dante and instead taking his'. Sang Man-Duk was impressed by his willpower that allowed him to open 3rd eye.
  • Enhanced Energy Manipulation: Just like first dante, he possess energy manipulation, which increased even further when he absorb the first dante.
    • Telekinesis: He displayed a telekinesis-like power, which he used to break the bones in Hui Mo-Ri's arms and choking alexandros. It's one of the weaker power he has as he stopped using it when Hui Mo-Ri regained his power and Alexandros proved himself to be a challenging opponent.[7]
    • Energy Wave: After his power-up from receiving First Dante's vital energy, he possess the same powerful energy wave attacks. He can use the same earthquake-like shockwave[8] and creating a small energy waves that looks almost like laser from the tip of his finger.[9] He can also use it in a manner similar to slashing. [10] Alexandros speculated that he could've use more power, but he feared that it will damage his body.
  • Physical Enhancement: Before he absorb the power of of previous Dante, his combat ability, while great, was outclassed by opponents such as Kyoichi Kusanagi and Alexandros. After receiving some of the energy from Energy Stone, it allowed him to aid the first dante in attacking full-powered Hui Mo-Ri, albeit losing. After receiving even more power from his predecessor, he's grown powerful enough to become a challenge even for 8x limiter removal Hui Mo-Ri. He can increase his power even further, becoming more muscular and gaining a light Ω sign on his chest.
    • Enhanced Strength: When he increased his muscle mass and gaining the omega sign, he's grown powerful enough that a punch destroy a large area of land before him
  • Third Eye: A power that's awakened by those who possess The King's blood. It's unknown what's Second Dante's third eye power is, although a statement from him implied that it helped enhancing his regeneration. It could be that his third eye merely enhanced his power even further. When he obtained the third eye, he also gained a pinkish halo around his head.

The last Dante to exist, and the one selected as The King's "successor". This Dante already absorbed hundreds of his brothers and presumably have gained enormous power from that process. The Mount Hwagwa Monkey were visibly intimidated by the aura he emitted.

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: He received punches and kicks from Kim Oong-Nyuh and Hui Mo-Ri in an altered version The Monkey King Mode, and it didn't leave lasting damage. He's also more focused when his "father" is in danger, protecting him despite his own pain.



  • Interestingly, the clones possess a regeneration ability, something that their 'father' lacks.
  • Second Dante is the only Dante to open the third eye so far, uncommon power among the 'brothers'.


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