The Monkey King's Clone Technique is the God's ability to create a clone with just a thought. The clones not only have the power of the original, but also the weapons as well.

The power of the clone depends on their proximity to the original. The farther they are from the original, the less powerful and less similar in attitude. One case even showed a complete personality that could be considered as another individual. In the only instance when the number of the clones was shown, Jin Mo-Ri can clone at least a hundred of himself to wipe out an army of Nephilims numbering 180,900 with one strike.

Michael, an experiment of combining human DNA with the Monkey King's own, also showed this ability after 'stealing' Hui Mo-Ri's power, indicating that a clone has the power to create more clones. This is proven when 666:Satan, who copied this technique from Jin Mo-Ri, in presence of the sun's corona to increase his power, produced an estimated 200 quadrillion, 9,600 trillion, 7,450 billion clones by cloning himself and used the clones to create more clones.[1]


  • Not all weapons can be replicated/cloned by this ability as none of the clones are shown with the Gourd.
  • For unknown reason, clone of the Monkey King has 0.02% difference in DNA compared to the original.
  • It must be considered, however, that the distance needed for a clone to develop his personality is as far as different dimension and when the door connecting the dimensions opened, the clone started to act and have power like the original.
  • Sang Man-Duk have two hypotheses regarding this ability after seeing Hui Mo-Ri's fights[2]
    • The Clones ability and one-on-one power decrease with the increase of number of clones
    • The Clones ability and one-on-one power and number of clones doesn't have any correlation.
  • While the above hypotheses was never truly answered, the amount of clones have negative correlation with Jin Mo-Ri's physical power (the more the clone the less powerful he is).[3]
  • The Hangul is likely a play for the "Clone Technique" (分身の術, "Bunshin no Jutsu"), a homage to the manga Naruto, in which the titular character uses a variation of the clone technique as his main technique.


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