"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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This Time.... I'm definitely going help them! I'm not just going to be a burden like I was in Oraeguk!

—Charuru during the fight against Nox


Charuru Season 5


Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Mount Hwagwa Monkey
Gender Male
Style Hua
Charyeok Fake Monkey King
Current Status
Affiliation Ore Kingdom
Debut Chapter 126

Charuru is a Mount Hwagwa Monkey and a citizen of the Ore Kingdom located in the Sage Realm.


He looks to be a very young monkey. He has brown coloured fur and since he looks more human-like, he has a round face. He wears a Chinese outfit with a black pants and orange shirt and is often seen with his backpack.

After his training his body have become noticabley more muscular. He now wear uniform of monster army. black shirt with no sleeves and grey pants.


He seems to be somewhat carefree and very trustworthy.



Borrowed power of charuru

Charuru using Mihu as Charyeok

According to Jin Mo-Ri, Charuru is a strength type and Charyeok doesn't suit him. When agitated and his wolge became active he was strong enough to scare away a Mount Hwagwa Tiger and even block an attack from King Mihu.

After the destruction of Sage Realm, Charuru become practitioner of Whoahyorakgeyok. In his own admission, his skill isn't enough to fight Dante one on one, but with teamwork between Monsters, they can overwhelm the dantes.


During fight between Hui Mo-Ri and Kim Oong-Nyuh versus The King, Charuru by accident communed with Fake Monkey King and become charyeok user. With this charyeok he can perform Hua Final Secret.



  • Hoowa Punch
  • Hoowa Slide
  • Hoowa Kick


Whoahyorakgeyok Ultimate Secret Arts: Monkey Claw: Charuru does a tiger claw like swipe sending slicing energy out of his finger tips at his opponent. The full effect isn't shown however as the one time he fight using it, His enemy countered with the exact same move. Charuru only displayed this technique when he communed with Mihu.