Chapter 98 is the 98th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Park Mu-Bong promises Taek Jae-Kal his wish if he joins him and tells him that the leader of The Six has a Borrowed Power that enables her to grant wishes. Jae-Kal refuses both Sang Man-Duk and Mu-Bong and proclaims that if the key is so valuable, he will keep it to himself. Man-Duk then attempts to teleport away with Jae-Kal but is stopped with Mu-Bong's Borrowed Power. Jeon Jae-San then appears to relieve Mu-Bong of stopping the teleportation using his Borrowed Power, The Great Magician. Man-Duk then sends down many swords from the heavens onto the stadium but is stopped by Jae-San. Jae-San uses one hand to stop Man-Duk's teleportation and the other to stop the swords while Mu-Bong assists in stopping the swords.

Jin Mo-Ri then walks over to Park Il-Pyo and uses acupuncture to stop his bleeding that the nurses couldn't stop with nanotechnology or Borrowed Power.

Jae-Kal suddenly isn't able to maintain the key anymore, throwing it up out of the mouth of his stomach formed by Greed. Mo-Ri then picks it up and fights Jae-Kal before being sent below ground by Mu-Bong's Borrowed Power along with Jae-Kal, Park Seung-Ah, Park Seung-Min, Il-Pyo, Yu Mi-Ra, and the nurses.

Suddenly, angels begin appearing from the swords Man-Duk has summoned that have penetrated the stadium and begin attacking everyone. While the judges deal with them, one angel approaches to attack Mu-Bong. Mu-Bong is saved from the angel by Judge Q (who arrives with Han Dae-Wi) who kills the angel with Joker.