Chapter 93 is the 93rd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Park Seung-Ah tells Jin Mo-Ri about Park Il-Pyo's past. 4 years ago, Park Seung-Min faced Taek Jae-Kal in a match that she was favored to win. During the fight, Jae-Kal brought her to the ground and intentionally inured her leg which wound up being the permanent injury she has to this day. Furious by this, Il-Pyo went to Tae-Kal's school and mercilessly beat him until Seung-Ah, who suspected that he'd be there, interrupted the fight. As they were walking away, Jae-Kal jumped them and sent them both to the hospital. Ever since those events, Il-Pyo had been more devoted to his training while Seung-Min became more and more seclusive.

Back in the current time, Mo-Ri asks what is Seung-Ah wants. She explains that she wants him to keep Il-Pyo calm since he won't listen to her or Seung-Min.

Before the fight between Il-Pyo and Jae-Kal that has both of them at 70% of their total health, Mo-Ri visits Il-Pyo to give him encouragement and a glove from Seung-Ah. Il-Pyo enters the arena for the fight.