Chapter 92 is the 92nd chapter in The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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It is revealed that Ryu Hyun-Bok lost two fingers while Park Seung-Ah lost her leg up to right above her ankle. While Park Il-Pyo is sitting by Seung-Ah's bedside, Seung-Min comes in and begins slapping him. She blames him for the damage done to her sister demanding he fix it.

Jeon Jae-San sits over the body of his dead grandson when Park Mu-Bong comes in. Mu-Bong asks Jae-San about the sudden collapse of Jae-San's company to which he responds that his investors bailed on him to join the group run by Taek Jae-Kal, his grandson's murderer. He demands that Mu-Bong bring Jae-Kal before to which Mu-Bong says cannot happen. When the two are about to fight, Seo Han-Ryang appears and stops the fight. Mu-Bong promises that Jae-San can meet Jae-Kal when the finals are over which Jae-San demands must occur within two weeks or else he will bring destruction upon the stadium.

Mu-Bong decides that for the semi-final, Il-Pyo and Jae-Kal will fight since their wounds are similar and Il-Pyo's teammates are injured.

Seung-Ah approaches Jin Mo-Ri and asks that he help Il-Pyo.