Chapter 82 is the 82nd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Park Il-Pyo manages to neutralize each and every one of Jin Mo-Ri's attacks, revealing the second weakness of Renewal Taekwondo, its limited number of attack points. At this provocation, Mo-Ri challenges to counter his next attack, the Jin Mo-Ri Original: Blue Dragon's Kick. Il-Pyo then reveals the third weakness of Renewal Taekwondo, the burden it puts on the user's body as Mo-Ri stumbles during his attack. Il-Pyo chides Mo-Ri for not even knowing his own weaknesses as his teammates acknowledge how weirdly talkative Il-Pyo is being. He reveals that the only attacks of Mo-Ri's he wasn't confident he could beat were the acupuncture and the Jin Mo-Ri original, which his teammates handled by breaking his finger and continuously attacking his legs. He then criticizes Mo-Ri for being too cocky since he overlooked his teammates which allowed them to harm him when he should have easily handled them. Since none of his own attacks would work, Mo-Ri decides to use other's attacks. He lands a Moon Light Sword Style: Bare Hand Style attack followed by a Full Contact Karate: Brazilian Kick before finally attacking with Il-Pyo's own technique: Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: Gakdu.