Chapter 77 is the 77th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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After having his acupuncture stopped by Ryu Hyun-Bok, Jin Mo-Ri quickly defeats Hyun-Bok using Renewal Taekwondo techniques. His finger is shown to be injured, likely meaning he will no longer be able to use acupuncture in this fight.

Sang Man-Duk and Park Mu-Bong bicker over who changed their name first, then embrace as old friends. However, their embrace soon turns violent when both use their Borrowed Power to fight each other. It then shows that above the stadium they are fighting in, Mu-Bong is repelling a gigantic sword coming down from the heavens before Man-Duk somehow regenerates his arm and strengthens the attack. Mu-Bong realizes that the sword is coming from a god itself as Seo Han-Ryang watches on.