Chapter 74 is the 74th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Judge Q tells Han Dae-Wi that in order to strengthen his Borrowed Power, Dae-Wi must improve his conversational skills. To practice, Judge Q tells Dae-Wi to get 100 girl's numbers by the end of the day after he demonstrates the technique.

Park Il-Pyo meets with Jin Mo-Ri to ask about his wish and about his grandfather. Il-Pyo tells Mo-Ri that unless he is stronger than what he displayed against the Jeju Island team, Il-Pyo and Taek Jae-Kal will defeat him.

After interrogation, Park Mu-Bong learns many valuable secrets about the shadowy organization from Na Han-Sung. He learns that the hierarchy is as follows: 1 king, 5 bishops, 32 priests, and a plethora of believers and that the organization's ultimate goal is to spread God's will. At the same time, Mu-Bong and a Bishop of the organization plan their groups for battle. Mu-Bong tells the judges that they can remover their "limiter" and hunt priests, bishops, and the king. He places monetary value on the heads of all the members of the organization while the bishop of the organization tells his underlings to attack them.

Il-Pyo reveals a new technique of his to his teammates that he plans to use against Mo-Ri.

Dae-Wi reveals that he had managed to collect 100 girl's numbers by doing odd jobs and receiving the numbers as thanks.