Chapter 265 is the 265th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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The King, while using strong force to create mini-sun, commented that he was once in the ark when he flooded human realm and now he will have to destroy it once again on the ark. The King then proclaimed himself as the beginning and the end. Before The King's Big Bang attack is fully in effect, Lee Soo-Jin, from above, pierced it and along with Baek Seung-Chul and Uma, dispersed it using Northern ITF Taekwondo and Pacho II, respectively.

The King resisted the attacks by summoning his Robe of the Sage, but Lee Soo-Jin used the opportunity to take his Cane of the Sage and hand it to Kim Oong-Nyuh, telling her to bring Jin Mo-Ri out of sage realm. The King, while distracted by his missing cane, hear Seo Han-Ryang's attacks and in split seconds use his gravity manipulation to use rocks as shield. Park Mu-Bong tried to attack using rocks but The King immediately counterattacked back, prompting Kim Doo-Shik to defend his product. The King tried to use his gravity manipulation again, but Park Mu-Bong negated using his charyeok. The King then tried using the rest of his fundamental force manipulation, only for Lee Soo-Jin to negated it using her Pandora's skill, The Hope:Sovereignity.

Meanwhile Kim Oong-Nyuh tried to open the gate again, but failed because she used too much energy. She told Hui Mo-Ri to use limiter removal on her. This time, the gate opened slightly, enough for Jin Mo-Ri to notice the clone's presence and vice-versa. Jin Mo-Ri and Park Il-Pyo hurried to the gate.

The King, not deterred by Lee Soo-Jin's power, resorted to using his copied Martial Arts, using Northern ITF Taekwondo to counterattack. Lee Soo-Jin proclaimed them as only improvised attacks, prompting the king to use Hui Mo-Ri's original Kicking Imoogi.

The chapter ended with Kim Oong-Nyuh ordering Hui Mo-Ri to use limiter removal on her again.


  • There is a scene When Lee Soo-Jin says "Northern Style ITF" and Baek Seung-Chul follows with "Pacho". This may be a reference to an uncommon kiyap used by Taekwondo blackbelts in Olympic style tournaments.