Chapter 26 is the 26th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Yu Mi-Ra's cousin takes off to alert Mi-Ra of who she's really marrying but is heard by Oh Sung-Jin, who alerts guards to capture her. She tells Mi-Ra about him but Mi-Ra doesn't care about this new information since she plans to use the marriage for her own gains anyway. It is revealed that Mi-Ra agreed to marry Sung-Jin if he financially supported her family and helped prolong the Moon Light Sword Style. Mi-Ra's cousin runs off to do something about this marriage where she bumps into Jin Mo-Ri who had come to stop the wedding. She tells him about Sung-Jin so Mo-Ri tells her he'll deal with the situation. He attempts to move past guards peacefully since he promised Han Dae-Wi he wouldn't use violence, so Dae-Wi appears to help Mo-Ri since he also wanted to stop the wedding.