Chapter 25 is the 25th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Jin Mo-Ri, Yu Mi-Ra, and Han Dae-Wi are walking together down a busy street when they notice another purse-snatcher. As they take off after the purse-snatcher, a man who had been observing Mi-Ra took after the purse snatcher as well. With great speed, he surpasses Mo-Ri and Mi-Ra on bike and stops the purse-snatcher using Mi-Ra's sword. He introduces himself as the chairman of the Ohsung Group, a very influential Korean business, and then suddenly proposes to Mi-Ra, proclaiming love at first sight.

Back at her house, Mi-Ra overhears her uncle and cousin in a heated argument because her cousin doesn't want to have to wear Mi-Ra's hand-me-downs since Mi-Ra isn't even really a part of the family. Her cousin storms out of the room, notices Mi-Ra, and then keeps on running. Mi-Ra's uncle calls her in and laments her for not being able to hide her presence better. He then tells her not to take what her cousin says to heart since she's just a young teenager.

Mi-Ra recalls all the times from her childhood when her uncle selflessly devoted his time to her despite how busy he was.

Mi-Ra's uncle and the man that asked her for her hand in marriage have a meeting over a cup of coffee so that the man can ask Mi-Ra's uncle for his permission. He ultimately tells the man that it is not up to him and that it is Mi-Ra's decision.

After coming across her family's bills, Mi-Ra calls the man and tells him she will marry him under certain circumstances.

At the wedding, it is revealed that the man's name is Oh Sung-Jin. He has stationed guards all over the cathedral and has invited only a few relatives. Mi-Ra's uncle recalls when her father passed away and she refused to cry because she had to carry on his legacy so she had to stay strong. He sees her now holding back tears because of the life she's going to throw away so he goes and confronts Sung-Jin and asks him to cancel the wedding. It is here that Sung-Jin reveals his true nature and condemns Mi-Ra's uncle as a common peasant and has him dragged away.

Sung-Min recalls in the past meeting with the same mysterious people that Jin Tae-Jin fought with, telling them that the sword Mi-Ra had was most certainly Bong-Seon, a National Treasure. He confirmed his belief that it was a National Treasure when he grabbed it while defeating the purse snatcher.

Mi-Ra's cousin hears Sung-Min when his personality has changed and thinks back about Mi-Ra.