Chapter 208 is the 208th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Okhwang prepares to kill Park Il-Pyo when Jin Mo-Ri arrives. Now knowing that the person in the Human Realm is a copy, Okhwang engages Mo-Ri by throwing two planets at him. When Mo-Ri survives the attack, Okhwang throws Il-Pyo at him before impaling Mo-Ri through Il-Pyo. With this, he decides to leave Mo-Ri in the Sage Realm. As he is leaving, a nephilim grabs Il-Pyo and takes off while a group of nephilims grab Mo-Ri before detonating.

Park Mu-Bong consults all of his underlings. He explains the purpose of Nox to them but states that he is not sure what Nox plans to do once they gather energy from everyone. He then confront Hui Mo-Ri, asking him why he didn't tell him that he was a copy. Yu Mi-Ra steps in and says that they didn't trust him which he understands. He then asks where the real Mo-Ri which the newly arrived Baek Seung-Chul answers. He says that Mo-Ri is on a planet near Oraeguk and that they can bring him back using the Cane of the Sage.

Okhwang walks past all his followers, dragging an unconscious Uma behind him.

Mu-Bong tells his followers that they have two goals: destroy the energy stone and recover the Cane of the Sage so that they ca bring back Mo-Ri. Kim Oong-Nyuh then appears and tells the group that with the cane she can open the portal. Members of the Vatican then arrive and inform the group that they will handle the destruction of the energy stone. Mu-Bong tells Hui that he and Oong-Nyuh will be responsible with handling the King.

Lee Soo-Jin looks at the building that Jin Tae-Jin is locked up in.

Midori Yata apologizes to Mi-Ra in her mind as she still detects Dae-Wi's death.

Mo-Ri survives the explosion from the Nephilim and searches for Il-Pyo but instead stumbles upon the Fox Orb.