Chapter 205 is the 205th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Han Dae-Wi absorbs the wind around him and unleashes a punch that Sugihara Oyama notes was like punching a mountain. Oyama is defeated as Baedal Choi commends Dae-Wi.

Yu Mi-Ra and Kyoichi Kusanagi prepare to exchange blows with Kusanagi believing he will be quick enough to slash her. However, Mi-Ra uses her Borrowed Power, Yeo-Po Bong-Seon, to attack first, slashing all everything around her. Her slash extends so far that buildings across the river have their windows slashed.

Hui Mo-Ri tells Alpha to rest in peace as he dies. Dae-Wi saves Midori Yata from the broken island and throws her to Hui so that he can heal her. Mi-Ra then engages Sang Man-Duk before Hui attacks. Before Man-Duk can defeat Hui, Hui unlocks his Monkey King form, launching him away. Man-Duk then teleports away with the DNA sample. Using Geundoowun, Hui raises the collapsed island, saving all those on it. When he exits Monkey King mode, Mi-Ra and Dae-Wi expect him to be devastated by the recoil of the Nabong Needle Ryu technique he used. However, he explains that Monkey King mode removes a lot of his damage and that he had planned to use this so that he wouldn't die from the recoil of the Nabong Needle Ryu.

Alex tells Violeta that when they return to Macedonia he wants to marry her and have a bunch of kids.

Oyama wakes up, immediately asking where Yata is. Kusanagi tells him that she is safe because Hui healed her. He then reveals that Hui has been healing all the competitors of their injuries.