Chapter 196 is the 196th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Kyoichi Kusanagi darts over to Michael and stabs one of the halves in the chest. Thinking he has just won, Kusanagi puts his guard down, allowing Michael to attack him from behind, revealing that the one Kusanagi cut was a clone. Kusanagi battles with several clones before using 80% of his power to destroy the clones and injure the real Michael. Kusanagi then approaches Michael, scaring him. Out of fear, Michael summons Ruyi Jingu and attempts to attack Kusanagi with it. Sugihara Oyama appears to repel Ruyi Jingu before Michael expands it even further. Kusanagi summons Yamata no Orochi to keep Ruyi Jingu in place while Oyama and Han Dae-Wi attack Michael. Kusanagi and then Yu Mi-Ra land sword slashes on Michael, reducing his grip on Ruyi Jingu. The pillar then crashes down on him, appearing to crush him. As the group walk off, Michael appears summoning Geundoowun, taking on a Kusanagi who is at 90% of his power. Using Three Imperial Regalia of Japan - Sword of Kusanagi, Kusanagi attacks Michael who defends with Ruyi Jingu. The Sword of Kusanagi breaks off on the staff, leaving Kusanagi prone to an attack by Michael. As Michael is about to land a devastating blow, Hui Mo-Ri appears from behind and slashes Michael using the broken sword.