Chapter 195 is the 195th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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A scientist for the United States reports to the president at the time, Nixen, that the objects they found on the dark side of the moon are likely Gods. Nixen then approves the idea of attempting to create an army of God using samples from the objects. Over the following years, 80% of the U.S.'s military spending goes to this program until eventually Dr. Doogie gets in charge. With the project failing to produce results and his brother dying of cancer, Dr. Doogie begins tests on his own brother to attempt to save him and in an attempt to continue funding for the program.

Hui Mo-Ri awakes and begins to get pulled out of Michael by Han Dae-Wi. However, him and Yu Mi-Ra prove to be unable to free Hui because of the armor Michael is donning. Kyoichi Kusanagi and the rest of Team Japan suddenly arrive and use jutsu to free Hui before Midori Yata gets critically injured by Michael. A piece of Michael's flesh begins to penetrate Yata's wound, threatening her life. She tells Kusanagi not to worry since her death is not foreseen. Kusanagi activates Orochi before confronting Michael with 50% of his strength. Using only half his strength, he launches Michael way before using his Borrowed Power, Three Imperial Regalia of Japan - Sword of Kusanagi, to slash Michael in half.