Chapter 188 is the 188th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Han Dae-Wi attempts to stop Paul from using the Holy Grail but is intercepted by Maria who begins fighting him.

Two scientists working in Houston with Dr. Doogie ask their supervisor if there is any information he has left out that could help them stabilize Subject M's deteriorating condition. The supervisor tells them that what he is about to say is top-secret information.

Subject M's body begins to fall apart, prompting Dr. Doogie to use the DNA he extracted from Hui Mo-Ri to save him. The computer Dr. Doogie was using states that there is an error of .02% as Dr. Doogie inserts the syringe into his brother. Dr. Doogie recalls a memory when he first met his brother Michael as his brother in his current state begins to revert to his human self. As he begins to return to himself, the attack from the Holy Grail is unleashed.

The Holy Grail rains down golden light that has no effect on any of the humans touched by it. While none of them witness any effect, Hui begins to disintegrate. Dae-Wi, seeing Hui begin to die, lands a critical blow on Maria before attacking Paul to make him stop the attack. While attacking Paul, Dae-Wi gets attacked from behind by Maria several times but continues his assault in a desperate attempt to save Hui.

Right as Hui's HP reaches 0, the scream of Michael stops the Holy Grail's attack. The supervisor tells the two scientists that Michael was Dr. Doogie's brother, a pancreatic cancer patient without much time left. He reveals that Michael is an attempt to make a human weapon from the Monkey King DNA found on the Tathagata's skull on the moon. The laptop Dr. Doogie works on reveals that the experiment is a failure as Michael is now uncontrollable. Dr. Doogie lays face down, unconscious as Michael begins his rampage.

Dae-Wi embraces the still living Hui who now has had his HP diminish to 3 as his level reverts to 6.

Nox subordinates report to Sang Man-Duk that there are two Monkey King wavelengths (Hui and Michael), perplexing Man-Duk.