Chapter 186 is the 186th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Fei receives a call from a man who tells him that he has an hour to defeat Hui Mo-Ri. If Fei cannot, the man, who is revealed to be Sang Man-Duk, will sell the organs of children in an orphanage Fei has a connection to on the black market. When Fei notices Team Vatican attacking the greenhouse, he plans to attack the group with Linmei taking on Hui since she is already heavily damaged and her loss won't mean much.

Paul notices Team China but decides not to bother with them because they don't seem to be interested in them.

Hui wakes up and his status is questioned by Yu Mi-Ra. She notices that his health is still at 15. When Team Vatican attacks the greenhouse, Mi-Ra races off to face them. She engages Fei while Hui immediately dispatches of Linmei who had attempted to sneak-attack him. Mi-Ra sends Hui to go help Han Dae-Wi.

Dae-Wi moves in to fight John in close-quarters before John and Paul stop their assault to make a proposal to Team Japan. Paul tells Team Japan that they would like to ally with them. He justifies this by saying that if Team Japan makes it through to the next round with Team Korea, they will simply be eliminated by them in the National Tournament. Kyoichi Kusanagi asks them how they plan to defeat Team Korea and Team Malta Knights to which Paul responds that they will first let the two groups fight each other. After their fight and one group is tired, Team Vatican will use their National Treasure, The Holy Grail, to defeat the other team. Midori Nagisa tells Kusanagi that she's not sure if the Holy Grail has the power to defeat Hui and Dante or not.