Chapter 183 is the 183rd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Kyoichi Kusanagi uses his Borrowed Power, Three Imperial Regalia of Japan - Yata's Mirror, to shield Yu Mi-Ra and Hui Mo-Ri from Dante's attack. When Dante prepares to attack again, Mi-Ra moves in, cutting down Donatello and the other member of Team Malta Knights before impaling Dante. She then severs him before he is attacked by Han Dae-Wi and Sugihara Oyama using his Borrowed Power, Baedal Choi. With this sequence of attacks, the group is able to flee from Dante. Dante walks over to one of the previously defeated competitors and kills him for what appears to be healing purposes.

The group rests near a greenhouse before Kusanagi explains what they want from Mi-Ra's group. He explains that Midori Nagisa has the ability to see people's deaths ahead of time, but she is not able to foresee the fates of Dante or Hui. As such, they concluded that the pair aren't human. So, they want Hui to defeat Dante for them and in turn, they will protect the group from all other teams. After some deliberation, Mi-Ra and Dae-Wi agree to the terms.

After seeing Baedal Choi in action, Dae-Wi practices his Full Contact Karate technique.

Mi-Ra gets healed by Nagisa who tells her that she has foreseen Dae-Wi's death in the near future, likely during the World Championships.