Chapter 182 is the 182nd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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One of the members of Team Japan destroy Donatello while another member summons her Borrowed Power, Kamaitachi, to save Yu Mi-Ra and Hui Mo-Ri. The female member of Team Japan tells Han Dae-Wi not to worry because Mi-Ra's injury isn't life-threatening. As Dae-Wi says his thanks, Sugihara Oyama interrupts and tells him that they aren't helping them for nothing. The leader, Kyoichi Kusanagi tells Dae-Wi that they would like to become allies while the female member, Midori Nagisa, states that they need to clear the area first. Donatello and the other member of Team Malta Knights regenerate after all the damage they'd taken before the third member of the team attempts to attack Kusanagi. However, Kusanagi uses some jutsu to incapacitate that member. Before he can take a break, Kusanagi uses his Borrowed Power, Three Imperial Regalia of Japan - Yata's Mirror, to defend the whole group from one of the members of Team Malta Knights. The attack was so strong that it managed to crack Yata's Mirror, motivating Kusanagi to bring out another one of his Imperial Regalia, Kusanagi Sword. With one swipe of the sword, he leaves a severe gash on the unnamed Team Malta Knights competitor. From that gash, Yamatano-Orochi appears and attacks the Team Malta Knights member.

Sang Man-Duk reveals to Judge R that the unnamed member of Team Malta Knights is the son of The King.

The King's son instantly attacks Kusanagi after being attacked by Yamatano-Orochi who desperately attempts to defend from the attack.

The King reveals his son's name to be Dante, curious to see how far he can go.