Chapter 181 is the 181st chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Yu Mi-Ra continues to dominate her opponents as she tries to mimic Ryu's technique. Han Dae-Wi begins to dominate his opponents as well but soon drifts too far away from Hui Mo-Ri. When he suddenly gets attacked by a competitor using the Borrowed Power Saint George Ascalon Sword, Mi-Ra has to come to his defense. In the process of saving Dae-Wi, Mi-Ra gets injured herself and leaves Hui open for attack. Dae-Wi attempts to summon Haetae to stop their attack on Hui but is still unable to because of the damage he took from The King. Hui is saved by his clothing, Yongpyo, and then his attackers are killed by one of the competitors from Team Malta Knights.

Mi-Ra engages this Team Malta Knights competitor, slashing him a few times. Another member of Team Malta Knights arrives, Donatello, and attempts to attack Mi-Ra from behind. As Dae-Wi attempts to save her, a member of Team Japan stops his Full Contact Karate attack with the same Full Contact Karate technique while the other two members of Team Japan save Mi-Ra. They then offer Dae-Wi and Mi-Ra the opportunity to ally with them.

Hui contemplates his own life before being told by Jin Mo-Ri to open his eyes.