Chapter 175 is the 174th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Kim Oong-Nyuh and Lee Hyang-Dan go to meet with Seo Han-Ryang. He noted that Oong-Nyuh got even younger as a result of using her power while escaping the Nox headquarters. Han-Ryang asks them what happened to Na Bong-Chim and Park Mu-Bong. They respond that Bong-Chim has gone into a closed discipline after being given a Sage Pill. They then tell him that Mu-Bong is at Seokchon Lake to investigate something.

Mu-Bong infiltrates an excavation that Nox claims is the construction of a subway system. Down there he discovers a massive green crystal reminiscent of the one that encapsulated Jin Mo-Ri when he first descended to Earth. He is then approached by a Priest who mocks Mu-Bong. Using the darkness of the passage, the Priest manages to land a few attacks but is quickly countered by Mu-Bong who tells him that it was easy to find him in the dark because of how much noise he was making. The Priest then surprises Mu-Bong with an attack that came from a power he and many other Nox members were granted following the breaking of the taboo. Their power to embrace gods has become stronger, gifting them the ability of God's Blessing which changes their appearance. In this priest's case, he grows fin-like appendages out of his back. Before he can harm Mu-Bong though, Mu-Bong uses his Borrowed Power to bring the roof of the tunnel down onto the priest.