Epilogue is the 172nd chapter of the The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Lee Soo-Jin tells Gang Man-Suk about Shim Bong-Sa. She tells him that he'd died recently.

Yu Mi-Ra visits the place she had her conversation with Bong-Sa and also the location of his death. While sitting at the bench, a man comes up and pours a drink for Bong-Sa as well.

Soo-Jin recalls her past with Bong-Sa. The RE Taekwondo Force had planned to kill Soo-Jin but Bong-Sa refused to allow them. When approached by his superior officer, Bong-Sa summons his Borrowed Power, Sapsal Dog, to take her away while he fights his officer. Bong-Sa summons his National Treasure, Ascalon, and prepares to fight his officer who is shown to use Moon Light Sword Style.

The man sitting at the bench with Mi-Ra is revealed to be Ryu, the Priest who uses Moon Light Sword Style and broke her sword, Bong-Seon. He tells her that he has mixed feelings towards her. He is glad that he is not the last user of Moon Light Sword Style but is angry that the other user is so weak. He then tells her that she is useless but that with a great teacher and a ruthless mindset, she could become much stronger. He commends her awareness for knowing that she is no match for him and tells her that he will spare her life. He orders her to become a monster and to not care about the consequences as long as she becomes stronger. He gives her her broken sword and leaves her a way of contacting him should she want to train under him. However, should they come across each other as anything but teacher and student, he says he will cut her in half. She tells him that she doesn't need to be a monster to be strong to which he replies that an old friend of his said the same thing before losing both of his eyes to him. It is then revealed that Bong-Sa's superior officer in the RE Taekwondo Force and that the Moon Light Sword Style user that took his eyesight was Ryu. Ryu leaves, telling Mi-Ra that he has a feeling she will come find him.