Master is the 169th chapter of the The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Moon Gi-Joo stops Park Mu-Bong from attacking Kim Doo-Shik. Mu-Bong leaves, telling Gi-Joo to hang in there for an hour while he goes and does something.

Go Gam-Do brings Na Bong-Chim a Sage Pill before asking about Yu Mi-Ra. Her usage of Nabong Needle Ryu has left her in a state of constant pain, only eased by the tears of Haetae. Han Dae-Wi has also been confirmed to have lost all function in his right eye.

Doo-Shik is about to use his strongest punch on the already battered Gi-Joo.

While Sang Man-Duk is addressing the media's questions on the recent closure of God Of High School Tournament matches, Mu-Bong busts into the room to make a declaration. He announces that Team Korea will participate in the God of High School Tournament before he provides evidence from when he was in charge of the proceedings that authenticate Korea's right to compete.

Right before Doo-Shik lands his devastating attack on Gi-Joo, he receives a call from Mu-Bong requesting to borrow 10 billion won with a 40% interest rate. Doo-Shik eagerly agrees to the terms before getting his men to leave the judges alone.

Axley reports on the situation of the priests to The King. He reveals that 80% of priests sent to the Sage Realm were killed because of Byron and Lee Soo-Jin's betrayal. After Axley is dismissed and away from the king, he is stabbed through the stomach from behind by Drake McDonald. Axley attempts to fly away from Drake using Shield of Discrimination but then gets stabbed through the chest from behind by Drake. Drake's Borrowed Power, Caterpillar, is shown to have morphed into a butterfly, giving him the ability to fly after Axley. He then reveals that he was given this power by some man who wants Nox and everything else to be under his control.