Master is the 168th chapter of the The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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The time leading up to Lee Soo-Jin's return to the Human Realm is shown.

Park Mu-Bong and company leave the building they were trapped in, which happened to be right across the street from the National Assembly Building. After leaving, Han Dae-Wi asks Kim Oong-Nyuh to open the Gate of Dimension once again so that Jin Mo-Ri can come through. She tells him that she can't open the portal right away because her power is drained and then asks why he wants to. Uma, possessing Baek Seung-Chul, steps in and explains that all the Demons want to return to the Sage Realm. She then tells Dae-Wi in private to not reveal that Mo-Ri is actually in the Sage Realm and that the current Mo-Ri is a clone.

Using his money and personal connections, Mu-Bong freed himself of terrorist accusations and got all the judges and G.O.H. Tournament participants off the wanted list. Despite this, his popularity within the country was still washed up. The judges attempted to return to their normal lives but discovered that their houses had not been built in the massive city-wide reconstruction led by Nox. The group began living on the streets and conducted sit-in protests to attempt to regain their popularity. As all the demons began to annoy Mu-Bong, he sent them to a remote pasture in Daegwalyeong to wait until Oong-Nyuh was able to open the Gate of Dimension to send them back to the Sage Realm.

One day, while sitting around watching Sang Man-Duk give a speech, the judges were attacked by two underlings of Kim Doo-Shik. Mu-Bong tells the judges not to fight back because if they do, they will get set up and lose all their popularity once again. Mu-Bong then confronts Doo-Shik, criticizing him for working with Man-Duk.

Oong-Nyuh manages to open the gate several days later with all the demons and Mo-Ri's friends in attendance. However, as soon as she opens the gate, they realize that the planet is exploding and that if they don't close it soon, they will be caught in the explosion as well. Right before Oong-Nyuh closes the gate, Soo-Jin flies through the portal, telling them all that the planet exploded before passing out.