The Aftermath is the 167th chapter of the The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Moon Gi-Joo and Judge O interrupt the God Of High School Tournament match between Andre and With Hawk. Bishop Romario arrives and uses his Borrowed Power to control all of the spectators and get them to leave. He then tells Gi-Joo and Judge O that Park Mu-Bong and The King had struck a deal so they should leave. Jang Ho-Sik, who had arrived with Romario, tells Judge O that he needs to grow his Red Dragon because he only wants to fight with adult dragons. Judge O questions to himself whether Ho-Sik had a contract with Black Dragon or possibly a polymorph of some type.

Lee Soo-Jin awakes in a hospital room. Gang Man-Suk comes in and explains to her what had happened prior to her arrival there.

Jin Mo-Ri's clone grew enraged at the sight of Han Dae-Wi harmed in that way. Uma, who had possessed Baek Seung-Chul, comes over and knocks the clone out, stating that now wasn't the time for a fight. Yu Mi-Ra then attempts to attack the king but has her sword cut into two pieces by Ryu, who also uses Moon Light Sword Style to her surprise. Mu-Bong then knocks Mi-Ra out before they all take their leave. Sang Man-Duk attempts to convince the king to continue attacking them but is immediately shut down by the king who then criticizes Man-Duk's stances on certain matters, showing some tension between the two. The king then asks for Judge R to introduce himself before they all leave.

Mu-Bong arrives at Soo-Jin's vacated hospital room and criticizes his own judgement for thinking that drugs would be enough to stop her from fleeing. He then shows his glee in how everything turned out with him obtaining the assistance of the Monkey King, The Oxen King, and The Nine-Tails Guardian.

Soo-Jin arrives at the National Cemetery at Mo-Ri's request. She tells Man-Suk that she lost in her fight with Mo-Ri and that she needs to become stronger so that she can beat him. She stumbles across a large boulder that is revealed to be Lee Soo-Hyuk's gravestone. Jin Tae-Jin brought the stone from North Korea and placed it there, etching his acknowledgement of Soo-Hyuk as his master into the stone.