Chapter 160 is the 160th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Lee Soo-Jin and the remaining survivors buried Ma Dong-Chul and Park Pan-Suk but were soon effected by the smell of their rotting corpses.

After a while longer, the mine collapsed even more. Jo Jung-Duk shielded the mine as Soo-Jin and Lee Jung-Min desperately clawed their ways out. Suddenly, Jung-Min's illness began to effect her. As she clawed Soo-Jin's path out, she begged Soo-Jin to live on without her. Soo-Jin misinterprets this message, promising to destroy all those who put them in this situation. The cave in kills Jung-Duk and Jung-Min as Soo-Jin gets trapped herself. However, Shim Bong-Sa, a member of the RE Taekwondo Force, pulls her out and gets her to a hospital.

Soo-Jin is told that the cave-in was actually man-made and caused by the RE Taekwondo Force. It is revealed that Jung Soo-Sim, who had been in the mines with Soo-Jin for two years, was actually Bong-Sa, a member of the RE Taekwondo Force. Soo-Jin is told that the RE Taekwondo Force is led by Jin Tae-Jin, the man who killed her grandfather and in her opinion, put her in this mess.

Soo-Jin is then given the opportunity to join the North Korean military to make amends for her family's tarnished name which she gladly accepts. After 10 years of training, she killed her whole unit and fled to South Korea to start enacting her revenge.

Jin Mo-Ri and Soo-Jin get blown away by the bombs released by the Sky Whale. Soo-Jin gets saved by Gang Man-Suk while Mo-Ri gets saved by Haetae's mother. Mo-Ri attempts to push the Sky Whale away using Yeoui, but the whale separates into many separate whales and encircles the entire planet, leaving Mo-Ri with no option.

Park Seung-Min and Park Seung-Ah arrive at the battlefield with a Fox's Bead which allows communication across great distances. Using this orb, Kim Oong-Nyuh gets into contact with Mo-Ri. She tells him that she will be able to open up a portal for them to come back into this world but only for a few seconds on his end because of how differently time works. She then tells him that Demons cannot make it through the portal, meaning the Mount Hwagwa Monkeys and Minotaurs among other species could not find sanctuary there. Finally, she tells Mo-Ri that Tae-Jin is right behind her and that if Mo-Ri doesn't come now, he will likely never see his grandfather again. Mo-Ri is left to decide between the demons of Oraeguk or his return and his grandfather.