Chapter 157 is the 157th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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When Uma was falling down to Lee Soo-Jin's location and got caught by Baek Seung-Chul, she asked him is he'd like to make a direct contract with her. He immediately refuses because he doesn't know the terms but is eventually forced into it by Uma. When they land on the ground, Uma explodes, killing all the swarming nephilim, leaving Seung-Chul with her as a Borrowed Power.

Seung-Chul, not listening to Uma because he doesn't believe in the supernatural, rushes in to attack the Second Crown Prince. He manages to land many blows due to the uniqueness of his fighting technique, but soon loses the upperhand because his attacks didn't pack enough power, getting stabbed through the shoulder in the process. The Second Crown Prince, believing the fight to be over, goes to find other Demons to fight but is soon called back by Seung-Chul who refuses to give up without avenging Uma's death. The Second Crown Prince states that he has killed 130,750,000 demons in his lifetime and that some came back for revenge only to die in the process. He exchanges an attack with Seung-Chul before noticing that Natak had summoned Chamyogeom. He plans to finish this fight quickly before Seung-Chul's bat begins to unfurl, revealing a new bat made out of Barbadium. Uma's spirit reveals that when she ate Byron when he was in his spear form, it took some time to ruminate him into the bat. She reveals that the spear was made out of Barbadium and that her soul was in Sung-Chul's bat. After she had taken Byron's composition, it created a new form of the bat. The new weapon is Pacho II.