Chapter 155 is the 155th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi continue their fight with the nephilims.

Axley, Saturn, Schneider, and Kim Sak-Gat all leave with Axley having a feeling that they should kill Dae-Wi before leaving because he would become something very troublesome for them in the future.

Moon Gi-Joo and Judge O go into a blocked off room to discover that the God Of High School Tournament Nationals are going on.

Judge P frees Park Mu-Bong and Kim Oong-Nyuh while Mu-Bong tries to decide what to do with Jin Tae-Jin. He eventually settles on letting Tae-Jin live so that he can use Jin Mo-Ri in the future. Suddenly, Judge R and Sang Man-Duk arrive. Man-Duk immediately calls for his Borrowed Power, the King of the Earth, which is immediately and easily countered by Mu-Bong now that Mu-Bong has his taboo broken.

Natak tells Mo-Ri that after the Sky Whale loses 95% of its troops, it is triggered to explode in a massive explosion. He tells Mo-Ri that he has no more than 10 minutes before the explosion occurs which Mo-Ri believes to be more than enough time. They exchange blows before Natak reveals that he is made of Barbadium, the hardest substance on Earth which can capture souls in it. Mo-Ri, uncaring of this information, lands a devastating hit on Natak.