Chapter 153 is the 153rd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Gang Man-Suk wakes up and notices Lee Soo-Jin resting.

The Mount Hwagwa Monkeys bury the false monkey king before turning to face the Gods. Uma that Jin Mo-Ri really isn't the Monkey King she knew.

The sky whale collects information from the two troops and notes that the monster troops have approximately 1,500 available monsters while the sky whale troops have approximately 158,900 troops; more than 100 times the amount.

Mo-Ri expands Yeoui but is deflected by Natak. The attack resulted in a loss of 5% of the sky whale forces, leaving 150,955 nephilim. Mo-Ri then makes 100 copies of himself before having all of them elongate Yeoui. He then orders all 100 Yeoui to grow thicker to everyone's astonishment. The sky whale reports that the current loss is at 98% and that only 3,020 nephilim remain. Mo-Ri then summons Geundoowun and has it strike thunderbolts repeatedly. With great difficulty, Natak manages to cancel out Geundoowun before being told by the Sky Whale that his remaining forces have dwindled to .2% of its original value with only 318 nephilim left alive. In a short time, Mo-Ri managed to wipe out 158,582 nephilim. The current matchup is now 1,500 monsters vs 318 nephilim.