Chapter 152 is the 152nd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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The Mount Hwagwa Monkey citizens desperately claw under the hammer that crushed the false king to find him. They find that Yeoui had protected him from getting completely smashed as they attempt to pull him out.

All three battles taking place are fought relatively evenly. Park Il-Pyo and the Third Crown Prince seem to match each other explosively. Baek Seung-Chul and the Second Crown Prince seem to match each other tactically. Using a combination of Pandora and Northern ITF Taekwondo, Lee Soo-Jin is able to fight somewhat evenly with Natak.

The false king gets pulled out from under the hammer and is revealed to still be alive. He apologizes to his people for lying to them all this time and tells them that he is just another one of them, a Mount Hwagwa Monkey. He takes some of their energy to summon the gourd from Natak's waist to himself.

Natak, realizing what they are attempting to do, uses the power of the earth to form a giant hand made out of rock that he then uses to grab his hammer, Gangyojeo, which is made out of the hardest substance on Earth. Uma reveals that that hammer is what defeated her in the Great Heavenly War originally. He swings the hammer down on the monkeys but to everyone's surprise, the planet isn't completely annihilated.

Jin Mo-Ri emerges from the gourd and uses Ruyi Jingu to destroy the hammer. The False King then realizes that the item he'd been using all this time tht he called 'Yeoui' was actually the real Monkey King's clothes. He gives back the clothes before asking Mp-Ri to please take care of Oraeguk as he reverted to his monkey form.

The two sides of the oncoming battle emerge. On one side is the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Oxen King, the Minotaurs, Haetae, Dragons, Mount Hwagwa Monkeys, and the Monkey King. They are labelled the Neo-Monster King Allied Forces. On the other side is the First Crown Prince, the Second Crown Prince, the Third Crown Prince, and an army of nephilim. This marks the beginning of the Second Great Heavenly War.

The false Monkey King recalls the memories he had with his sister before he passes away in the arms of the real Monkey King with all his followers behind him.