Chapter 151 is the 151st chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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After Baek Seung-Chul arrived with Uma as his direct contract, the Minotaurs regained their motivation to fight as they take on the nephilim.

Park Il-Pyo goes in to kill the Third Crown Prince but is stopped by Seung-Chul so that he doesn't get killed by Natak. The Second Crown Prince fully heals the Third Crown Prince as he prepares to fight Il-Pyo. Il-Pyo uses his powers as a key to break the taboo against humans, allowing them to harm the Gods.

Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi heal using Haetae's tears. It is revealed that both Dae-Wi and Gwum Gi have recovered their Borrowed Powers as a result of Il-Pyo breaking the taboo.

Seung-Chul wants to attack Lee Soo-Jin for what she did to Uma but instead decides to fight the Second Crown Prince for now. Natak prepares to fight Soo-Jin who opens Pandora's Box, equipping herself in Pandora's Armor.

Mi-Ra and Dae-Wi find the resolve to continue fighting the nephilim so that they contribute something to the efforts.

Judge Q, Judge O, and Judge P break out of their prison because of the return of their Borrowed Powers. They immediately defeat three priests, Vega, Nibelung, and Jang Xio, before beginning their search for Park Mu-Bong. It is revealed that Changsik has grown to a pubescent age.

Il-Pyo and the Third Crown Prince begin their clash with two massive attacks.