Chapter 149 is the 149th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Lee Soo-Jin recalls her past where she was forced to work in a coal mine since birth. One day, her mother fell ill and told Soo-Jin that all their troubles were because the South stole Northern ITF Taekwondo. This flashback likely means Soo-Jin is the grandchild of Lee Soo-Hyuk that Jin Tae-Jin had made a promise with.

Soo-Jin defeats Big Man, Schneider, and Kim Sak-Gat without killing them.

Axley flees from Haetae's mother, labeling her as strong as Red Dragon. Suddenly, a giant sky whale appears carrying Gods on its back. All the creatures of Oraeguk flee the fight while the Gods rain down attacks. The Dragons attempt to fight back but get easily defeated by the Sky Whale.

Before the false king manages to summon Jin Mo-Ri from the gourd, he gets saved by attacks from the gods by Soo-Jin. As he is about to summon Mo-Ri, he gets smashed by Natak as it is revealed that the Crown Princes have arrived.