Chapter 143 is the 143rd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Gwum Gi eats a divine pellet and falls unconscious. In order to save him, tears of a sacred animal are needed. Han Dae-Wi asks if Haetae is a sacred animal which the elderly monkeys confirm. However they explain that the Haetae Dae-Wi has a contract with is only a cub and that they will need the tears of the mother. Dae-Wi follows his Borrowed Power to its mother's den where he asks for tears.

Jin Mo-Ri attempts to get out of the gourd but is unable to. His memories then appear before him, asking him why he didn't use his full power. Mo-Ri hits his memories for the apparent harm he has done in the past, causing all of his memories to come back to him. He recalls that during the Great Heavenly War, he invaded the Heavenly Realm when all of the Gods were invading Uma's castle instead of going to help her. In the Heavenly Realm, he decimated much of its population before facing off against the Nine-Tails Guardian.

Nine-Tails explains to Park Il-Pyo that a direct contract enables Il-Pyo to use all of his powers instead of only a fraction. Il-Pyo refuses this however because he has no guarantee that he will be able to keep control of his body. As he is leaving, Nine-Tails' assistant attempts to stop Il-Pyo as Nine-Tails screams at him to come back.

Gwum Gi awakes from his collapse because Dae-Wi returned with sacred tears from Haetae after taking a serious beating. All of the young Mount Hwagwa Monkeys notice their increase in strength. As they are marveling it, headbands appear on all of their heads and begin slowly absorning their life. Having consumed divine pellets however, they do not face the same amount of effect from the dragon cresting as the monkeys trapped in the cages. Dae-Wi arrives all bandaged to tell them all that they must hurry.