Chapter 142 is the 142nd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Axley, Saturn, 3 other priests, and a handful of followers all come to Lee Soo-Jin's aid. They justify the lack of support by how many priests Byron killed. Axley reveals that all of the nearby Mount Hwagwa Monkeys have been captured and are being filed into cages. Right Horn is surveying what is happening when he notices Uma crucified.

Han Dae-Wi awakes fully healed where he was told by Go Gam-Do that the had healed all of them after Ma Bo-Ra and company brought them to him.

Right Horn explains the situation to everyone causing Dae-Wi to become worrisome over what to do. Gang Man-Suk, confused as to why they would be scared, challenges Dae-Wi to a fight.

Dae-Wi attacks Man-Suk, eventually forcing Man-Suk to use his arms which he had promised he wouldn't do. Yu Mi-Ra explains that in order to get a character like Man-Suk under control, he needs to respect his peers and the best way to do that is to demonstrate their strength. Before they land critical blows, Mi-Ra interrupts telling Man-Suk that he has seen their strength.

Mi-Ra then devises the plan they will employ. Man-Suk, Bo-Ra, and Gwum Gi will distract the troops from the front while the rest sneak around to the back to free the monkeys in the cages. While all this is happening, the false Monkey King is tasked with stealing the gourd away from Soo-Jin so that they can release Jin Mo-Ri with the expectation that he will have gained his memories and be capable of defeating Soo-Jin. She also states that no one is to use Borrowed Powers as Soo-Jin can seal them. The false king then confronts the young Mount Hwagwa Monkeys and tells them to use their Original Sin so that they can help them in the fight.

Soo-Jin activates the dragon cresting which begins to absorb the life out of the monkeys in the cages, turning them into crisps.