Chapter 138 is the 138th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Uma smashes Byron's spear into the ground then eats it.

Sang Man-Duk realizes that Bishop Byron had died, so he goes to meet with the other Bishops. He explains to them that Nox obtained wealth from Taek Jae-Kal's company and Jeon Jae-San's company which funded the resurrection of Korea. With this, they rose into political prominence while their competitor, Park Mu-Bong fell in stature before being captured by them due to Judge R's betrayal. It is then revealed that to go with Mu-Bong and Jin Tae-Jin, Nox has also captured Kim Oong-Nyuh, Judge Q, Judge O, and Moon Gi-Joo. It is revealed that they were captured by Nox's key, Bishop Lee Soo-Jin. She was able to defeat them by breaking the taboo placed on humans and because Oong-Nyuh had returned to a young child as a result of using her Borrowed Power. Ma-Duk then convinces the rest of the Bishops to use Soo-Jin's power to break the taboo. He requests an audience with the king.

Uma exits the gourd to see the surroundings in total destruction as a result of the presence of angels, nephilim, and Soo-Jin. Han Dae-Wi reveals that humans are not able to attack the nephilim, but are able to attack the angels. Uma decides to unleash her full power since the situation was dire, killing two nephilim.