Chapter 137 is the 137th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Jin Mo-Ri saves the weakened Uma from one of Byron's attacks. Uma notices the gourd at Mo-Ra's waist and tells him about its usage. She tells him that it has the ability to absorb Demons, which Byron has recently become when he ate Uma's horn. After losing an arm protecting her brothers, Uma allows Byron to stab her through the chest so that she could hold him in place for Mo-Ri to absorb him. When Mo-Ri isn't able to do so, the false Monkey King appears to help him. Both Byron and Uma get absorbed into the gourd.

Inside the gourd, Uma summons her true body. Her true body emerges from the ground, many times larger than herself. She explains that she was sealed into the gourd after the Great Heavenly War and that if she uses her powers outside again, "they" will come down again, likely referring to the Gods. Her real form absorbs Uma then instantly chops off one of Byron's arms. She then shrinks down to Byrons size, sporting massive horns before flicking her finger, chopping off Byron's other arm. She then removes Byron's horn that he stole from her and attempts to put it back on, to no avail. When the staff attempts to steal her horn again, she manages to knock it aside then block one of Byron's attacks with a sneeze. Byron, realizing he is outmatched, attempts to blow himself up with a power greater than 50 nuclear bombs. Before he can do so, Uma reverts to her large size before smacking him into the ground, halting his explosion.