Chapter 136 is the 136th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Uma and Byron's attacks meet, destroying the building and leaving Uma with a cut across her chest and Byron severely injured. His staff consumes the remaining priests as well as the energy stored in the dragon cresting from the warriors of Oraeguk. Uma unlocks the true form of her Pacho Fan before lanching another attack at Byron. Uma's and Byron's clash of attacks is so great that it destroys everything in the vicinity. The bystanders only manage to survive because of some skill employed by Right Horn and Left Horn, Uma's brothers. After using the true form of the Pacho fan, Uma blows away all of the air, making it impossible for her to breathe until the air comes back. When she is finally able to breathe again, it is revealed that all that remains of Byron are his legs. Uma destroys these as she walks away but is suddenly attacked by Byron's staff itself. Jin Mo-Ri manages to kick the staff away but not before it manged to bite off one of Uma's horns. It is then revealed that the staff is the actual monster as it spawns Byron from itself. After losing her horn, Uma shrinks in size, enfuriating her brothers. Right Horn and Left Horn attack Byron but e easily cuts them down. The shrunken Uma plans to fight Byron as he unveils his new horn he earned from her.