Chapter 129 is the 129th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Baek Seung-Chul, Jin Pum-Gwang, and Jang Jang-Mi are captured by the minotaurs and taken to see the king. The king is revealed to be Uma. While the minotaurs all marvel in the size of her horns, the humans marvel in the size of her breasts. Seung-Chul criticizes her horns so that he can be set up for a pick-up line. Uma blushes and tells him that he is the second person to tell her she's beautiful even without her horns.

While climbing up the stairs, Myung teleports and grabs ahold of Yu Mi-Ra before teleporting to an isolated location. Jin Mo-Ri and Han Dae-Wi continue on as they assume she is more than capable of handling the member of the Four Royal Guards. Charuru questions why it is that Mo-Ri isn't helping fighting and why he hasn't revealed his powers since he was knocked out when Mo-Ri fought the false Monkey King.

Mi-Ra begins to get slashed by Myung, but soon manages to land hits on him because she is able to smell him.

On the way up, Dae-Wi engages another member of Four Royal Guards, La Kong. As Dae-Wi and another old veteran stay behind to fight La Kong, Mo-Ri, Charuru, and two veterans face the false king in the top of the tower.