Chapter 125 is the 125th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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As everyone takes their places to go into Oraeguk, Park Il-Pyo, his cousins, and Judge O appear so that everyone is accounted for. The plan was for Jin Mo-Ri, Yu Mi-Ra, Han Dae-Wi, Judge Q, and Moon Gi-Joo to go find Mo-Ri's memories. Park Il-Pyo, Park Seung-Ah, and Park Seung-Min were meant to go find Il-Pyo's memories. Everyone else was supposed to go free Park Mu-Bong. However, this plan is ruined when the woman from Nox breaks through their barrier. She takes off her eyepatch before neutralizing all of the judges Borrowed Powers. She then defeats Gang Man-Suk and Ma Bo-Ra who recognized her before the gate forces many of the people into Oraeguk. The woman is left with the judges and Kim Oong-Nyuh who prepare to fight with her.

Mo-Ri awakes with Dae-Wi and Mi-Ra atop of a giant stone monkey. Mo-Ri smells something familiar so they plan to head in that direction but before they can, a large dragon appears before them.

Jin Pum-Gwang, Jang Jang-Mi, and Baek Seung-Chul wind up together at the base of the Cow Devil's Castle. Outside of this castle, minotaurs can be seen using monkeys as slaves.

Seung-Ah and Seung-Min are asleep next to each other while a sleeping Il-Pyo gets dragged off by an anthropomorphic beast.

Lee Hyang-Dan wakes up to Go Gam-Do shielding her from falling wooden pillars in the Taoist Hermit's Garden.

Gwum Gi wakes up with Bo-Ra and Man-Suk sprawled out across him.

Mo-Ri, Dae-Wi, and Mi-Ra ride the dragon who shows visible signs of happiness to Mo-Ri's presence. They ride towards the smell Mo-Ri finds familiar.

The woman from Nox is shown to have defeated all the judges as well as Oong-Nyuh while blood pours out of her eye.