Chapter 123 is the 123rd chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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A group of priests travel underground only to be immediately routed by Ruyi Jingu. 80% of the followers in the subway are incapacitated, one bishop is missing, and 3 of 7 priests are dead and another one is critically injured. Jin Mo-Ri then appears and begins dominating the remaining followers until his headband begins restricting on his head again. It is then that the masked Nox member attacks Mo-Ri, revealing that they use Northern ITF Taekwondo. They remove their cape and mask and reveal themselves to be a woman; the same woman that taught Gang Man-Suk and Ma Bo-Ra Northern ITF Taekwondo. She also appears to be the person Sang Man-Duk considered the other key (other than Park Il-Pyo when he has his Borrowed Power). She then reveals that she is North Korean.

Judge Q shows up and engages Judge R in combat.