Chapter 119 is the 119th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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It is revealed that after the incident at the God Of High School Tournament, Park Mu-Bong got blamed for the whole event after his past corruption got unearthed. When the country was in a horrible economic state, the mysterious organization, named Nox, stepped forward and donated to Seoul and neighboring cities to get them back on their feet. When Mu-Bong accused Nox of being behind the terrorist attacks, the public turned against them for accusing the group that was assisting them so much. Mu-Bong attempted to leave the country but was instead captured after a whistle-blower revealed his plans (Judge R). Nox now recruits many new members everyday while the judges and the God of High School participants are wanted for their contributions to the terrorist attacks.

Baek Seung-Chul investigates the stadium where the incident occurred because he didn't believe Nox was truly what they said they were. He then traveled to the location of Jin Tae-Jin's fight with Sang Man-Duk and countless priests of Nox to put together what had happened. He manages to put together what happened based on the evidence there. He deduces that Tae-Jin cut off his own arm because it was hindering him but then lost to Nox due to their sheer numbers and his lack of balance as a result of losing an arm. A man in a hood suddenly appears behind Seung-Chul.