Chapter 117 is the 117th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Jin Tae-Jin continues his fight with the gorilla creature.

The masked member of the RE Taekwondo Force searches around near Park Il-Tae and Nam Gung-Hyun and then begins digging. He finds the suitcase MK-I ran off with but is suddenly grabbed by someone beneath the ground. He is pulled beneath the ground, has his neck snapped, then launched out. A new MK Unit member appears and has his mask broken by Gung-Hyun. The man uses strings to chop Gung-Hyun's arm off before taking off the mask and revealing himself to be Choi Do-Ha. Do-Ha then attacks Il-Tae and the remaining unnamed RE Taekwondo Force member. Il-Tae manages to dodge the attack but the unnamed man cannot, getting his head chopped off in the process. Gung-Hyun then attacks Do-Ha but is killed immediately. Il-Tae prepares to face off against Do-Ha.

Tae-Jin and the gorilla exchange attacks equally until Tae-Jin gains the upperhand. The gorilla then screams out before growing many times in size. It then immediately gains the upper hand over Tae-Jin.

Il-Tae uses speed to begin to beat up on Do-Ha despite Do-Ha's armor. Suddenly, when about to attack, Il-Tae gets stabbed through the chest by a laser that gets emmitted from the chest piece of Do-Ha's armor. Suddenly, before Do-Ha can kill Il-Tae, Lee Eun-Do appears and breaks the chest piece with a rock before collapsing out of exhaustion. Il-Tae stopss Do-Ha from killing Eun-Do before landing a critical hit on him.

Tae-Jin lands a critical hit on the gorilla that knocks one of its legs off. The two launch their strongest attacks at each other before Tae-Jin lands one final attack that defeats the gorilla.